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Aftermarket Services

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Tray and Bliss Upgrades

Electrical Upgrades

PLC Upgrade

This upgrade ​replaces obsolete relay logic control systems. Thiele will upgrade to an Allen-Bradley Logic Series PLC (size​ dependent on machine).​ This upgrade gives the machine ethernet capabilities, which could be mandatory ​an HMI touchscreen interface is used. 

Tray and Bliss_Electrical_PLC Upgrade

HMI Touchscreen Upgrade
This upgrade​ replaces pushbutton controls with a monochrome or color touchscreen (​an upgrade to the PLC ​for the ethernet connection may also be necessary). Multiple screens may be added ​to an existing HMI touchscreen. 

Tray and Bliss_Electrical_HMI Touchscreen

Remote Start/Stop Control Box

Th​e remote start/stop control ​box upgrade is designed to give the operator a second station to start and stop machine closer to their working area..

Tray and Bliss_Electrical_Remote StartStop Control Box

Category 3 Interlock Safety Upgrade
This is the OLD Category 1 safety circuitry, which features a door switch and safety relay.

OLD Category 3 Interlock Safety Upgrade_Rigid
This is the new Category 3 safety circuitry, which features door switches with two redundant contacts and a monitoring relay that monitors and detects safety levels. 


Body and End Panel Misfeed Detection

This upgrade adds sensors that will detect a misfed corrugated blank and shut the machine down to keep damaged blanks to a minimum.

Tray and Bliss_Electrical_Body and End Panel Misfeed Detection Eye

On Demand Case or Tray Photoeye

This upgrade ​adds a sensor that can be mounted to the exit conveyor. When cases back up to the sensor, the machine will cycle to a stop. When cases clear the eye, the machine will start automatically.

Tray and Bliss_Electrical_OnDemand Case or Tray Downstream Photoeye

Compression Time Delay
This upgrade adds a time delay (from 1 to 20 TPM) in the compression section to allow the proper seal of tray or bliss cases. The predominant product it is utilized for is wax board. ​

Tray and Bliss_Electrical_Compression Time Delay

Low Level Magazine ​Eye with 3 Color Beacon

This upgrade includes a photoeye and light beacon to notify the operator when the magazine is getting low. ​

Tray and Bliss_Electrical_Low Level Magazine Eye

Dual Glue Trigger Photoeye

This upgrade adds a second photoeye, requiring that both photoeyes be made before the glue pattern starts. This will reduce false glue triggers.

Tray and Bliss_Electrical_Dual Glue Trigger Photoeye

Mechanical Upgrades

Extended Body Hopper

This extension to the body hopper allows the operator to load up to 50 additional blanks into the hopper.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_Extended Body Hopper

5-foot Horizontal Powered Hopper
This five-foot powered hopper gives operators time to monitor multiple machines. This powered horizontal magazine ​increases blank size by 250. If running more than one size blank ​Thiele can supply this with Kwik-Change features.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_5ft Horizontal Powered Hopper

10-foot Horizontal Powered Hopper
This ​10-foot powered hopper gives operators time to monitor multiple machines. This powered horizontal magazine ​increases blank size by 550. If running more than one size blank ​Thiele can supply this with Kwik-Change features.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_10ft Horizontal Powered Hopper

Platform for Blank Loading Assistance
​The platform comes with steps so that the operator can load the magazine at a more favorable position. It is custom designed to ​​any machine's​ dimensions.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_Platform for Blank Loading Asst

Full Perimeter Guard Package
​The full perimeter guard package was designed to protect your team from injury on your Tray or Bliss former. This guard package features​ ​transparent polycarbonate on metal hinged frames for easy access. Also comes with category 3 safety circuit.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_Full Perimeter Guard Package

Kwik-Change Crank Adjustable Bottom Stops
The bottom stops allow for faster changeovers between multiple sizes of boxes.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_KwikChange Crank Adjustable Bottom Stops 

Kwik-Change Crank Adjustable Hopper Brackets
The bottom stops allow for faster changeovers between multiple sizes of boxes.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_KwikChange Crank Adjustable Hopper Brackets

Kwik-Change Crank Adjustable Vertical Guides
The vertical guides allow for faster changeovers between cases of different vertical dimensions. 

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_KwikChange Crank Adjustable Vertical Guides

Kwik-Change Crank Adjustable Depth Changes
​The depth changes allow for faster changeovers between bliss boxes of different depths.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_KwikChangeDepth Adjustment 

Adjustable Legs
This upgrade features a threaded shaft with a foot pad that ​​allows each individual leg to be adjusted differently in the event of an uneven floor.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_AdjustableLegs

New Mandrel for Former
Thiele has a variety of OEM-designed mandrels to accomodate worn mandrels or changes in blank configuration. Options include:
-For diagonal corners
-For regular 90 degree corners
-Kwik Change features
-With air pushers (can be added separately in field)
-Under minimum size
-With vacuum assist
-For extended stroke machines

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_Replacement Conversion Mandrels

Linear Mandrel Guide System
This upgrade provides a linear guiding system for your mandrel movement. The system enables toolless, mandrel changeover in less than five minutes. ​It also improves performance and reduces maintenance.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_Linear Mandrel Guide System  

Nordson Pro Blue Hot Melt System
The Pro Blue Hot Melt system is the latest technology that Nordson offers. This upgrade includes a custom stand for the unit, and if upgraded on a non-PLC machine, Thiele will add the Nordson pattern controller to assure proper glue pattern. ​

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_Nordson Pro Blue Hot Melt System

Nordson Pro Blue Fulfill System
The Fulfill System eliminates continuous filling of the glue tank, and helps prevent charring of hoses and gun nozzles. 

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_Nordson Pro Blue Fulfill System

Dynatec Dynamelt Hot Melt System
Upgrade your glue system to the latest technology that Dynatec has to offer. This upgrade also includes a custom stand for the unit.  

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_ITW Dynatec Hot Melt System

Anti Scuffing Plows and Shoes
The plows and shoes reduce markings during forming of the blanks, ​specifically on tray bodies that are white or printed.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_Anti Scuffing Plows and Shoes 

Belt Drive System
​The belt drive system upgrade improves control of blanks through glue application. ​A second belt drive feed mechanism is also available. 

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_Belt Drive System

Powered Discharge
This mechanism will discharge the last case in compression to ​eliminate locking of formed trays or cases as they exit the former.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_Powered Discharge

Additional Vacuum Cups for Picking Blanks
Thiele can add a second set of vacuum cups to help pick large blanks from the magazine. Special vacuum cup arrangements are available for difficult-to-pick blanks (cutouts, etc.).​

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_Additional Vacum Cups for Picking Blanks

Rotary Vacuum Pick System
This upgrade is for systems that have scissor vacuum picks or mechanical pick systems.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_Rotary Vacuum Pick System

Poultry Package Upgrade

This upgrade includes grooved forming shoes for wax board, belt feed and electronic time delay.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_Poultry Package

Extended Compression Rails

These rails are designed to accumulate form trays in compression.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_Extended Compression Rails

New Style Lidding Attachment

The attachment features a horizontal powered HSC lidder with an improved opening design. This upgrade requires an electrical upgrade.

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_New Style Lidding Attachment

Frame Transmission Bearing Housing Replacement
If your lower frame main housing bearings have worn out the frame bearing mount holes, this kit will repair this without replacing the whole lower section. This bearing block upgrade comes complete with new housing plate, bearings, shafts, and locating pins for easy installation.

Bearing Frame Upgrade

Tray or Bliss Rebuild or Remanufactured Machine
Thiele can completely rebuild ​tray and bliss formers. ​This includes complete replacement of worn parts, the latest Category 3 safety standards and guard packages, and requested upgrades, all of which are guaranteed. ​ 



Thiele also offers remanufactured formers that come with a ​one year warranty, if your budget does not allow for a new machine. These ​machines are kept in stock for quick delivery​ upon order. 

Tray and Bliss_Mechanical_Rebuild Remanufactured