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Aftermarket Services

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Robotic Case Packing and Palletizing Upgrades

Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus Color Touch Screen
This upgrade replaces the push-button type control panel or an obsolete HMI. An operator can easily choose between system screen, run screen, product screen, and a diagnostic history screen.

Rigid_Electrical_HMI Touchscreen Upgrade  

Allen-Bradley PLC
This upgrade includes the rack, processor, power supply, input modules, output modules, Ethernet module, Ethernet hub, and complete program as present in your robotic palletizer.

Ultrastar_Controls_AB ControlLogix CompactLogix PLC Upgrade

eWON Industrial Router Upgrade
In a single integrated package, eWON industrial router combines a modem and an IP router for both serial and Ethernet PLC protocols. This allows a Thiele Engineer to remotely observe and make changes to the PLC program from their work station.

Ultrastar_Controls_EWON Industrial Router

End-of-Arm Tooling
Thiele can provide custom end of arm tooling for palletizing, case packing, or cartoning applications. We can handle a variety of products such as corrugated cases, bags, and shrink bundled packages. This includes: vacuum grippers, fork-style tools for bags or heavy product, and clamping tools. We can also add pallet forks and slip sheet vacuum to increase  the productivity of your robot tooling.

Servomotor Case Turning Device
This upgrade allows for a positive 90 or 180 degree rotation of cases before the layer pattern is formed.  It can eliminate extra motion of the robotic arm to increase overall production speed and efficiency.


Vacuum System Upgrade
The vacuum system upgrade is designed to fit your specific application at the correct vacuum source. This upgrade can handle adjustments to the vacuum generator system, zone controlling of your product, vacuum pump, or vacuum blower. (Picture shown with individual vacuum source zoned cups).


Safety Fencing Upgrade
This upgrade includes the latest safety fencing and meets all of OSHA standards. This fail proof technology includes the Category 3 electrical safety circuit mentioned below.


Category 3 Safety Circuit
This is the OLD Category 1 safety circuitry, which features a door switch and safety relay. This safety circuit is more susceptible to failure than the new Category 3 circuitry.
OLD Category 3 Interlock Safety Upgrade_Rigid
This is the NEW Category 3 safety circuitry, which features door switches with redundant contacts (two) and a monitoring relay that monitors and detects safety levels. 
New Category 3 Interlock Safety Upgrade_Rigid

Slip Sheet Dispenser
This upgrade can add sheet placing functions to the end of arm tooling or it can be a stand alone slip sheet dispenser/placer that does not interfere with the robots production speed.

robotics_sheet dispensers_placers

Automated Empty Pallet Machine
This upgrade offers automatic pallet dispensers and conveyor systems for single or multiple robotic Palletizing lines. The empty pallet station can be designed to never shut down the robot operation to maximize production uptime. This additional item to your robotic line can also have the above slip sheet dispenser designed into it as well.

robotics_palletdispensers  robotics_palletdispensers_2

Line Expansion Upgrade
If you are looking to add an additional packaging line to your existing robotic system, Thiele ​will produce the best design that will optimize​ robotic throughput. ​Thiele is not only ​the mechanical and electrical engineering source, but also the OEM that will build and provide all ​conveyors, components, and tooling. ​The highly qualified service team at Thiele will provide installation, start-up support, and training at your site. 



Thiele offers a diverse range of packaging equipment for a wide variety of products and applications.

Ask our applications engineers for advice so you can optimize your packaging production.

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