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Aftermarket Services

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Rigid Upgrades

PLC Upgrade

This Logix Series upgrade (size dependent on machine) replaces the PLC 2 & 5 Allen Bradley Controllers, and the SLC family through model No. 503. The upgrade features ethernet capabilities for ​Thiele machines, which could be required with future HMI touchscreen interface updates.


Servo Platform Upgrade

The Servo Platform Upgrade replaces obsolete servo drives such as Indramat or Electro Craft. An Allen Bradley integrated solution, which combines servos and PLCs (Compactlogix or Contrologix) on one communication platform, is also available.

Servo Platform Upgrade  

Category 3 Interlock Safety Upgrade

This is the OLD Category 1 safety circuitry, which features a door switch and safety relay.

OLD Category 3 Interlock Safety Upgrade_Rigid
This is the Category 3 safety circuitry, which features door switches with two redundant contacts and a monitoring relay that monitors and detects safety levels. 


Light Curtain Upgrade

This upgrade is designed for areas that cannot be guarded by a light curtain, and are large enough for operators to step or reach in, thus risking injury. This upgrade will prevent machine shutdown and enhance safety. 


120 V to 24 V Control Voltage Upgrade
This control voltage change will convert all voltage to 24 VDC to improve safety. This upgrade includes PLC, I/O cards, all input devices and components in electrical enclosures.

eWON Communication Link Upgrade
The eWON module links a ​machine’s PLC, servos, and touchscreen programs directly to ​the Thiele service department. This allows the service team to monitor the machine in real time, allowing for timely diagnostic services, minimizing downtime and possible service trips.

HMI Touchscreen Upgrade
The HMI touchscreen effectively replaces push-button controls. The new screens feature:
-History and diagnostic information of downtime and jams
-Preventative maintenance alerts
-Product recipe
This upgrade may require a simultaneous change to the PLC due to ethernet connections, or multiple screens to an existing HMI setup.

Rigid_Electrical_HMI Touchscreen Upgrade

​Mechanical Upgrades (All)

Magazine Extension Upgrade
Magazine extensions can add up to an additional 8 feet of space to equipment. This extra space is capable of handling anywhere from 400 to 700 more corrugated blanks.

Rigid_Mechanical_Magazine Extension

Product Change Upgrade
Changing product designs are a regular part of the industry. When ​a customer’s needs change, ​Thiele will be here to make sure everything is quoted and nothing is overlooked. ​Thiele can rebuild on-site, ​or equipment can be shipped to ​Thiele locations for complete product change and rebuild.

Rigid_Mechanical_Product Change Upgrade

Guard Replacement Upgrade
The guard replacement upgrade features an OSHA-compliant, NEC-interlocked guard door system. It is compatible with all Thiele, and most non-Thiele equipment. Reach-in areas are eliminated, minimizing the chance of accidents and lost time.

Rigid_Mechanical_Guard Replacement Upgrade

Equipment Mechanical Rebuild
Thiele has the capability to rebuild any Thiele packaging machine. This option includes all mechanical parts and electrical control packages. ​Thiele can rebuild your equipment at ​a Thiele facility or complete the work at your location.

Rigid_Mechanical_Equipment Mechanical Rebuild

Mechanical Upgrades (Cartoners)

Front Flight Length Adjustment Servo
This servo upgrade adjusts the main flight chains on ​your machine for a carton-length changeover. Accuracy is ensured with a recipe on ​the HMI screen. This servo replaces the mechanical phase adjuster that may fail over time.

Rigid_Mechanical_Cartoners_Front Flight

Carton Load Pusher Assembly
The new carton load pusher assembly eliminates the pins on the loader chains, as they are now bolted to the top of the chain. The kit includes new chain guide rails for extended life.

Rigid_Mechanical_Cartoners_CL Pusher Assem

Loader Assembly Replacement Upgrade
This new loader kit assembly is a complete loader section featuring Thompson shafts, greasable bearing blocks and insert blocks. It eliminates product in-bucket and load and overload cylinder, and includes a chain, cams, guides and rails.

Rigid_Mechanical_Cartoners_Loader Kit Assem

Bucket Drop Gate Conversion
The bucket drop gate conversion enables flexible bags or cartons to be placed in a bucket system in a new style. The servo drive accurately places individual or multiple bags in a bucket for loading. This maximizes production and improves the settling of ​product. With the addition of an HMI, adjustments to your drop points and position are much easier.

Rigid_Mechanical_Cartoners_Bucket Drop Gate

Carton Setup Servo Upgrade
This upgrade directly replaces the old setup unit. It features a servo drive, which comminicates through and HMI, simplifying change speeds and pick point adjustments. The upgrade is an on-demand motion setup, as opposed to constant motion. This increases uptime and extends the life of the moving parts.

Rigid_Mechanical_Cartoners_Carton Setup Servo

Mechanical Upgrades (Case Packers)

Servo Flight Drive Upgrade
This upgrade features a servo drive on the main flight drive for easy transfer of corrugated containers. The servo drive better controls the transfer and stopping point, and improved speed increases production. Servos can be added to magazine pickoffs and loaders.

Rigid_Mechanical_CasePackers_Servo Flight Drive

Servo Loader Upgrade
The loader upgrade increases production speed while maintaining controlled motion. This eliminates quick starts and stops, which cause heavy wear to your machine. Multiple product profiles can be programmed through the HMI for recipe selection. The upgrade is available as a dual load/return lift for the best speeds.

Rigid_Mechanical_CasePackers_Servo Loader Upgrade

45 Degree Magazine Upgrade
The magazine upgrade eliminates the possibility of corrugated blanks falling into the main draw down area when it is full (which causes jams). Simple to change in the field, the upgrade eliminates the magazine jam and optimizes uptime and production.

Rigid_Mechanical_CasePackers_45 Degree Magazine

ZPRO Loader Funnel Upgrade

The funnel upgrade eliminates jams and product damage as product is loaded into corrugated containers. The upgrade includes new funnels, cylinders and mounts to assure the replacement fits in ​existing case packers.

Rigid_Mechanical_CasePackers_ZPRO Loader Funnel

ZPRO Flight Redesign Upgrade
This upgrade secures the chain and flights for less wear and more consistent stops. Depth dimension can possibly be decreased slightly (check with application department for exact dimensions).

Rigid_Mechanical_CasePackers_ZPRO Flight Redesign

Mechanical Upgrades (Case Erectors/Sealers)

Case Sealer Upper Section Replacement
This upgrade replaces the entire upper section with Thiele’s new design, which improves flap folding compression and adjustments for fine tuning. Retrofitting of the new upper section can be completed with a new or existing tape head.

Rigid_Mechanical_CECS_CS Upper Section

Case Sealer Drive Motor Upgrade
This unit allows obsolete drive and gearmotors to be eliminated. The new drive system features standard motor frames for easy replacement, and takes less current, saving electrical usage.

Rigid_Mechanical_CECS_CS Drive Motor

Tape Head for Case Erector or Sealer Upgrade
This upgrade features a new Dekka tape head for improved efficiency and longevity. Its drop-in-place design makes change-out just minutes long.

Rigid_Mechanical_Tape Head CE Sealer

Tape Case Erector Upper Case Drive Bearing Upgrade
The new design is a one-way bearing system for the tape head, and top and bottom drive belts. This replacement improves product life and minimizes downtime for repair.

Rigid_Mechanical_Tape CE Upper Case Drive Bearing

​CE 201 Gearmotor Upgrade
This ​upgrade replaces ​the old Varidrive with a new drive and VFD for better Control. It eliminates any erratic motion, coasting ​in stop position, and extra slip when stopped. The new drive soft start motion also eliminates premature wear of your drive belts.


Safety Guarding Upgrade
This upgrade safely guards older versions of Thiele's ​case erectors and sealers. These ​guard packages are designed with the latest OSHA ​and ​Category 3 Electrical Safety Standards. They can be installed on-site or at one of our facilities. 

Rigid_Mechanical_Safety Guard

​CE 201 Rebuild
​Thiele has the ability to complete rebuild your McDowell CE201 Case Erector. This upgrade includes:

  • Complete disassembling of machinery and sub-assemblies
  • Thorough inspection and engineering audit
  • Fabricated parts replaced as needed to reduce future downtime
  • Set-up and testing performed to customer specifications with customer cases
  • Category 3 guards and safety circuits for increased operator safety
  • One-year limited warranty
Rigid_Mechanical_CE 201 Rebuild