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Aftermarket Services

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Nigrelli Upgrades

PLC Upgrade

This Logix Series upgrade (size dependent on machine) replaces the PLC 2 & 5 Allen Bradley Controllers, and the SLC family through model No. 503. The upgrade features ethernet capabilities for ​Thiele machines, which could be required with future HMI touchscreen interface updates.


Servo Platform Upgrade

The Servo Platform Upgrade replaces obsolete servo drives such as Indramat or Electro Craft. An Allen Bradley integrated solution, which combines servos and PLCs (Compactlogix or Contrologix) on one communication platform, is also available.

Servo Platform Upgrade  

Category 3 Interlock Safety Upgrade

This is the OLD Category 1 safety circuitry, which features a door switch and safety relay.

OLD Category 3 Interlock Safety Upgrade_Rigid
This is the Category 3 safety circuitry, which features door switches with two redundant contacts and a monitoring relay that monitors and detects safety levels. 


Light Curtain Upgrade

This upgrade is designed for areas that cannot be guarded by a light curtain, and are large enough for operators to step or reach in, thus risking injury. This upgrade will prevent machine shutdown and enhance safety. 


120 V to 24 V Control Voltage Upgrade

This control voltage change will convert all voltage to 24 VDC to improve safety. This upgrade includes PLC, I/O cards, all input devices and components in electrical enclosures.

eWON Communication Link Upgrade
The eWON module links a ​machine’s PLC, servos, and touchscreen programs directly to ​the Thiele service department. This allows the service team to monitor the machine in real time, allowing for timely diagnostic services, minimizing downtime and possible service trips.

HMI Touchscreen Upgrade
The HMI touchscreen effectively replaces push-button controls. The new screens feature:
-History and diagnostic information of downtime and jams
-Preventative maintenance alerts
-Product recipe
This upgrade may require a simultaneous change to the PLC due to ethernet connections, or multiple screens to an existing HMI setup.

Rigid_Electrical_HMI Touchscreen Upgrade

Mechanical Upgrades

Magazine Extension Upgrade
This upgrade extends the magazine up to an additional 7 feet of capacity (from 5-foot magazine to 12-foot), which equates to approximately 600 more blanks of capacity.

Nigrelli_Mechanical_Magazine Extension

Product Change Upgrade
Changing package designs are a regular part of the industry. When ​a customer’s needs change, ​Thiele is here to make sure everything is quoted and nothing is overlooked. We can rebuild in ​the customer's facility or it can be shipped to one of our facilities​ for complete product change and rebuild.

Rotary Feed Upgrade
This counterbalanced rotary feed shaft is a direct replacement for the existing unit. This upgrade eliminates overhung load to reduce premature wear of bearing, chains, belts, and the entire drive system.

Rotary Tray Shaft Exchange Program
​Thiele's innovative exchange program helps you reduce downtime and minimize install time. ​​Order a complete tray feed shaft assembly for immediate delivery, and Thiele will build it and ship it to ​the customer's facility. Once ​received, ​the complete assembly can be replaced within ​hours. ​Finally, send ​the old core back ​for credit from the core value.

Nigrelli_Mechanical_Rotary Tray Shaft Exchange

Angled Product Pusher Bar Upgrade
​Thiele has redesigned these to incorporate new angles on the pusher bars. This allows for more clearance between products so fewer pusher jams occur. The new angled pusher bars are a direct replacement for ​existing parts.

Tray Vacuum Plenum Upgrade
This efficient 120-volt stainless steel vacuum plenum replaces the large, 3-phase remote mounted blower unit for not only efficiency improvements, but also a quieter system. The vacuum plenum assures that the trays are constantly controlled. It also eliminates the bouncing or skewing of cartons as well as misfeeds.

Nigrelli_Mechanical_Tray Vacuum Plenum

Low Friction Transfer Plate Upgrade
This upgrade offers easier transfer for trays from ​the pusher section to the pocket chains. ​The lower friction material​ allows for consistent timing of ​trays to the product, especially when ​multiple sizes are run.

Nigrelli_Mechanical_Low Friction Transfer Plate

Fold and Glue Rail Upgrade
This important upgrade replaces the flap cam way style of folding with a new longer folding rail. By designing it to extend further, it keeps the flaps captured when they are tucked. It also has a lower height to allow the rails to be adjusted down further and still glue properly.

Nigrelli_Mechanical_Fold and Glue Rail

Pocket Chain Rear Pad Upgrade
This upgrade is for new rear pocket pads that have a flat surface instead of a void that could catch on a tray flap. This upgrade is available complete with new pocket chain or just the rear pads.

Nigrelli_Mechanical_Pocket Chain Rear Pad

Compression Section Extension Upgrade
This upgrade extends the compression belts from 15 inches to a total 60 inches of compression area.  This eliminates any glue setup issues when running at higher speeds or when ambient temperature is high. The upgrade includes the complete assembly including gearboxes and new fold and glue rails.

Nigrelli_Mechanical_Compress Section Extension

Grouper Clutch Upgrade
This upgraded clutch eliminates premature clutch failures​. The kit is a direct replacement and will install in ​hours. 
Nigrelli_Mechanical_Grouper Clutch Upgrade             

Traypacker Speed Change
Thiele provides two kit options that will improve the machine's overall speed:
1)​ For sprocket and chain only
2)​ Sprocket and chain included, with new drive motor gearbox.

Nigrelli_Mechanical_Traypacker Speed Change

Envoy Mechanical Rebuild
​Thiele can completely rebuild your Envoy​s. This includes all mechanical parts such as air cylinders, shafts, bearings, sprockets, chains, torque limiters, compression belts, and all infeed components.  This can include electrical control package for state of the art controls. Thiele can rebuild it on location, or in one of our facilities.

Nigrelli_Mechanical_Envoy Mechanical Rebuild




Thiele offers a diverse range of packaging equipment for a wide variety of products and applications.

Ask our applications engineers for advice so you can optimize your packaging production.

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