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​​Bag Converting Upgradesupgrades_toppic_773x150pix

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Bag Converting Upgrades

Control Package Upgrade
This Logix Series upgrade (size dependent on machine) replaces the PLC 2 & 5 Allen Bradley Controllers, and the SLC family through model No. 503. The upgrade features ethernet capabilities for ​Thiele machines, which could be required with future HMI touchscreen interface updates.

These kits are available for all types of Hudson Sharp Bag converting equipment including Inno-Lok


​Category 3 Interlock Safety Upgrade
This is the OLD Category 1 safety circuitry, which features a door switch and safety relay.

OLD Category 3 Interlock Safety Upgrade_Rigid
This is the Category 3 safety circuitry, which features door switches with two redundant contacts and a monitoring relay that monitors and detects safety levels. 


Light Curtain Upgrade
This upgrade is designed for areas that cannot be guarded by a light curtain, and are large enough for operators to step or reach in, thus risking injury. This upgrade will prevent machine shutdown and enhance safety. 


eWON Communication Link Upgrade

The eWON module links a ​machine’s PLC, servos, and touchscreen programs directly to ​the Thiele service department. This allows the service team to monitor the machine in real time, allowing for timely diagnostic services, minimizing downtime and possible service trips.

HMI Touchscreen Upgrade
The HMI touchscreen effectively replaces push-button controls. The new screens feature:
-History and diagnostic information of downtime and jams
-Preventative maintenance alerts
-Product recipe
This upgrade may require a simultaneous change to the PLC due to ethernet connections, or multiple screens to an existing HMI setup.

Rigid_Electrical_HMI Touchscreen Upgrade

Mechanical Upgrades

8-24 Strap Unwind Attachment
The 8-24 driven strap unwind works with the strap insertion unit (see next upgrade) for applications requiring a plastic handle carry strap. Can handle rolls up to 24 inches in diameter and up to 8 inches wide.

​Gusset Strap Inserter
This Gusset Strap insertion kit is for strap handle attachment to all bags, but specifically diaper and hygiene bags. It is a rail-mounted attachment and is used with the 8-24 unwind kit shown above.


​Longitudinal Zipper Track Sealer and Zipper Unwind
​This kit gives you the option of adding a zipper to your bags or film. It is a high speed continuous zipper feeding and sealing attachment. Included or sold separately is the zipper unwind unit that mounts on the frame of the machine.

​Hot Crush for Zipper Bag Attachment
This servo actuated feature assists in compressing the zipper and heating it for easier cutoff. With this kit, you will be able to increase your production of your zipper bag converting machines. Can be purchased in 1 up or 2 up zipper applications.


​Rear Servo Driven Draw Roll Attachment
This additional servo driven roller gives you complete control of web tension, thus providing consistent tension control, even in intermittent processes. Simple controls are used to adjust tension up and

​Linear Perforation Upgrade
If you need perforations in your film or bags this hardened Perforated Roller Upgrade can be mounted on your unwind or at the film infeed area.

​Film Line Guide Control with Edge Trimming
This upgrade offers consistent monitoring and adjusting of the film feed from roll. With the driven line guide control you are monitoring the edge of a printed surface. With this type of infeed control you can get an edge trimming attachment that will trim excess film. There are other types of film infeed roll guiding such as:
• Center Guide – Which is monitoring the web from its center position.
• Edge Guide - Which is monitoring the web from one edge.

​Driven Winding Roll for Scrap
This attachment is a driven roll that will wind up the scrap that is being trimmed off the film roll.
Once full it will indicate to the operator to remove scrap before continuing. It is a frame mounted

​Vacuum Removal for Scrap
This attachment is a vacuum system that will put scrap film material into any container, such as a
large corrugated case or plastic container. It is a complete unit that is mounted onto the frame of your converting machine.

​Vertical Gusset Forming Attachment

The Vertical Gusset Former can form gussets up to 5 inches. This attachment can be rail mounted or floor mounted depending on area.


​Tip Gusseter for Gusset Forming
This upgrade is a V Board style tip gusseter. Easy tool-less changeover makes this a viable option
when running multiple films with different gussets. This kit comes with two tip gusseters and more
can be purchased.


​Chevron Angle Seal Attachment
This sealing kit is used for sealing strap handles to film or corner seals. It is a pneumatically operated
system for simple reliable function.


​Tab Sealer
The tab sealer will create small heat seals (also called spot seals or tab seals) normally located
in the gusset area of the bag. The tab seals can be of rectangular or round shape and are for the
purpose of binding the four layers of the gusset together.


​Gusset Presealing Attachment - Wicketer Only
This attachment will preseal the gusset of the wicketed bag for extra strength before it is sealed and cut into individual bags.


​Servo Cross Sealer Attachment
This Servo Actuated Cross Sealing Rail mounted attachment gives you fast precise sealing across the film for your bag converting machine. Its ​half-inch wide seal gives you sealing strength where it is needed.
Temperature controlled changeable metal die sealing surface against rubber.

​Flying Knife Upgrade
This kit is the solution for cold blocking problems with larger laminated bags due to guillotine knife cutting. ​This kit is a moving side blade that cuts the bag from the side, so you do not get any blocking. Available in various widths.​ Can be retrofitted to competitors equipment.


​Auto Correction Guiding Upgrade
​This upgrade comes with a vision camera that monitors the film as it goes through the machine to make sure it stays properly aligned so the cross sealer is repeatedly sealing the correct area.

​Dual Lip Folder Attachment
The Dual Lip Folder Attachment is for reinforcing the handle carrying area of a bag. This attachment folds over the film to create a double layer of film for the handle punch out. It can fold the film inward or outward – depending on customer’s preference and application.

​Smoke Hood Attachment
​This smoke hood attachment will cover the area of heating and sealing to eliminate any odor or smoke from the converting machine. It will have an exhaust port for an exhaust vent to be run to it. 

​Constant Velocity Infeed Upgrade - Wicketer Only
The constant velocity infeed upgrade will keep the film running into the machine at a constant speed
even during interrupted cycles for indexing.


​Pin B​locker Upgrade - Wicketer Only
This upgrade eliminates the need for wicket pins to keep the stacks of bags together after removal
from the wicket stacking conveyor. The pin blocker kit includes heated rods that seal the bags together with three heated glo-plugs.


Round or Square Bottom Bag Attachments - Wicketer Only
This attachment is for either a round or square bottom seal. The round bottom seal has a radius
of 80 mm. The kit includes a servo actuated heated seal head. It has adjustable dwell time and vacuum

Seal Bar Cleaning Kit - Wicketer Only

This Seal Bar Cleaning kit is highly recommended for white pigmented film or sealing through printed
The kit automatically removes dry debris from the seal tip. Soft metal parts slide over the SS steel tip
after the machine cycle is interrupted. System includes a suction system to remove particles and a programmable bag count that is set in the field.


​In Line Configuration - Bottom Seal Only
This rebuild kit is done in the field and basically is a kit to replace the unwind and take film directly from the extruder. The control parameters now change so that the extruder controls the speed of the converting machine.

In-Line Configuration

​Bag Top Closure Conversion Upgrade- Inno Lok Only
This upgrade will include change parts to add a closure to the film in order have a bag top closure profile.

​Zipper Detection Upgrade - Inno Lok Only
Upgrade to an ultrasonic style missing zipper detector to ensure the closure is added to the film.


​Transverse Closure Applicator Upgrade - Inno Lok Only
This add-on attachment has non-integrated controls to apply closure to the web transversely. Can add Bag Top closure profiles as well as Pour & Lok™ closures to the bag.


​Bottom Fold Glue Module Upgrade - Pouch Only
This Bottom Fold Glue Module Upgrade is for folding and gluing the bottom of a pouch. Maximum fold
over is 3 inches. It includes a servo driven nip roll and glue applicator. Does have a bypass to allow non-folded products to be run.


​Servo Driven Wicket Punch
This upgrade kit will replace a pneumatic wicket punch with a more reliable, faster, and cleaner operation. The servo is an Allen Bradley platform servo, so it is easy to add to your existing control package. A servo can be added to any style punch you are operating today.


​Pneumatic Punch Assembly
This assembly will replace your worn out punch assembly with a new pneumatic punch assembly. Can be used with any Hudson Sharp punch.

Pneumatic Punch

​Continuous Motion Tack Hole Punch
This upgrade is located in the continuous motion section of a pouch machine and is used when the
parent web consists of a lamination of dissimilar poly structures such as PE and PET. They provide
clearance holes through what will become the gusset area of the web and thus will allow sealing of the PE layers after the gussets are formed.

Continuous Motion Tack Hole Punch

​Continuous Motion Vent Hole Punch or Punches
This upgrade kit is a Pneumatic Continuous Motion bank of Vent Hole Punches for high speed operations. It can be placed anywhere in the film for proper punching but does require print registration. Saw tooth blade punch for long lasting results.

​Round Punch
​Hudson-Sharp provides an upgrade kit for round punches. Can be supplied from 1/8 inch and up, or also in metric sizes. 

Round Punch

​Tear Notch Punch
​The Tear Notch Punch applies a notch in the film allowing the stand-up pouch to be easily opened by the consumer. 


​Round Corner Punch
​This ​attachment rounds sharp edges.


​T-Shaped Punch
​This often-used attachment punches a T-shaped hole at the top of the bag for better shelf appeal and recognition by the consumer. 


​Handle Punch
This handle punch attachment is a complete punch assembly for use on any Hudson-Sharp
machine. It can be designed to meet your customers request for location and size.


​Patch Handle Punch
This upgrade attachment is for reinforcing a handle area with an additional piece of film. Standard size is 3 m​m thick film and ​approximately 3​ " x 5” (can be customized to customer’s request).


​Punch Scrap Removal with Vacuum
This Upgrade Attachment will remove punch scrap slugs with the assistance of a vacuum. Can be mounted on the frame as well as floor mounted.

Rebuilt Machines

Rebuilt and Certified Pre-Owned Machines
We can completely rebuild your Hudson Sharp Wicketer! This rebuild can include all worn mechanical parts as well as any outdated electrical parts. ​Individual sections can also be rebuilt

Another option is to purchase a rebuilt (Certified Pre Owned) machine we already have in stock for immediate delivery, and return your old machine once the rebuilt Wicketer is in your facility and operating.
We can rebuild it at ​a Hudson-Sharp facility or one of your facilities of our facilities – depending on your production schedule and the size of the upgrade.
Hudson Sharp can rebuild other style bag converting machines as well but they will be reviewed on
a case by case basis.


















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